Our Story

      It’s been enriching and challenging to try to follow God’s calling. We have closed our doors. God is faithful!

City Life is a non-denominational, charismatic church. We want to impact the community for Christ! Our logo has the cross of Christ rising up in the midst of the city. It is our vision to see Christ glorified in the community, and that the various local churches would all be united by His Spirit. We pray for unity among all followers of Christ.

      City Life is a bilingual church.  We sing many of our worship songs in Spanish and we provide translation of the message through headphones to accommodate those who are more comfortable listening in Spanish.  

      Our vision is to minister to the whole person, body, soul and spirit. We esteem worship as the vehicle through which God breathes into the church. We minister individually to build disciples and to support people through counseling. It is our belief that every member is a minister and we give people opportunities to be trained and exercise their gifts and calling. We envision everyone getting involved in a ministry and  utilizing their spiritual gifts. 

      Churches are like families. We can be messy and at the same time be wonderful expressions of communities supporting and loving each other. Jesus lived among men and was intimately acquainted with their failings as well as their successes. He not only is our example of not giving up on relationships, but our source of strength that empowers us to pursue love with each other.

       We want to build up our members and to reach out to others outside our walls. Until recently we distributed care packages to the homeless living in Hollister as various member had it on their hearts to reach out to them. 

      We began in 2009 and have had our share of bumps along the way.  We do not try to hide the pains of real life nor do we dwell on them.  We rely on God's grace to get us though the tough times.  The pain is there but we are comforted with the knowledge that God is for us.  Please feel free to visit us just as you are. 

Our Pastors Kevin and Sheila Kimura

Our Pastors Kevin and Sheila Kimura

Our Pastors

     Kevin is a bi-vocational pastor with a background in financial analysis. Sheila, the pastor’s wife, is a licensed family therapist who is employed at San Benito County Behavioral Health. They have been involved in various ministries together since they were married – led Junior high groups, taught classes on the Bible and emotional healing, helped run Celebrate Recovery classes, home meetings, worked with single parent families and served as deacons and elders. If you are struggling with relational issues we also provide short term counseling services for our members.

     Kevin and Sheila were both born and raised in Hawaii. They moved to San Jose in 1984 and attended Christian Community Church under Pastor Ernest Gentile. In 2000 they moved to Hollister and were involved in various ministries at different churches. City Life began in 2009 in the home of a member.

The Team

     We are blessed to have a team who help us in various important roles.

      In January 2017, Andrew and Beth Kimura moved on to the next chapter of their walk with God. We've so appreciated their 110% (if there is such a thing) involvement in the Spanish translation, worship, sound, homeless ministry and Children's Sunday School. There were many other ways they jumped in to build the church and were a tremendous help to us in the years they were with us!

     We're thankful for the people that have seen the need and stepped up to help fill in the gaps.  

     Sheila, along with some of our young adults and parents/grandparents rotate to cover our Children's Sunday School ministry. There are video lessons such as Veggie Tales and studies by Francis Chan for each age group, along with crafts, games and discussion.

     Mona Ozuna and others have stepped in to help translate the message for our Spanish members. We really appreciate them!

     We are a English/Spanish-blended church featuring songs and sermons in both languages. God has evolved us into this blended ministry which, while having its challenges, has been enriching to both cultures.

     City Life has a relationship with SOS In Co-Missions, a missionary organization in Mexicali that has been equipping pastors of local churches for the past twenty five years. We also have provided financial support to missionaries working in Wycliffe organization.

     We hope that you can join us. Service starts at 10:30 on Sundays. We are located in an office building near Union Bank. Come early and enjoy coffee and donuts. We would love to meet you!