The news these days can be discouraging. Violent acts of terrorism are being inflicted upon people here and in countries abroad. Many Americans are uncertain and fearful about what will happen in the U.S. as a result of the leaders we've elected. "Chaos" is one word used by a friend to describe how many view our future. What I'm hearing is that there is a need for hope, a ray of light, some breath of life that we can latch on to.

As we celebrated our Thanksgiving service this past Sunday, Pastor Linda Lampe (The Father's House) spoke on "thankfulness." She shared how she was in the hospital a few years ago because of a severe liver condition that almost killed her, and she was challenged to be "thankful." I can imagine that when it comes down to our life hanging in the balance, it forces us to think about what is really important, what are we really hanging on to. For Pastor Linda, she clung to God, our Father in heaven. Her soul was saved by the blood of the precious Son of God, Jesus Christ. Whether she lived or died, her trust was in God and not what the future would bring.

Our currency bears the words, "In God We Trust." Maybe these days are upon us to try us, as Christians, whether we truly believe those words. If we really do, then that will be our source of strength, of comfort. And I believe that it will show, like a city on a hill, or a lamp that can't be hid. Our reason to be thankful doesn't lie in the things we have or don't have. Our reason to be thankful is because we have God. 

Does it matter who is in charge? Yes; who is in charge of our heart, of our mind. And these days, many will be looking for some reason to believe things will get better. My prayer is that as your light shines, as your behavior provokes a question from those around you about how you can be thankful in spite of all that has happened to you, that you will seize that opportunity to tell them "Who it is" that is your reason for being thankful.